recent / not so recent work


Gwendolyn Kerschbaumer + Guillane Kerschbaumer

Perspective series ceiling and wall light

Perspective series ceiling and wall light

This body of work was created over a number of years and as a result, a vaster palette of sculptural, graphic and conceptual themes have been explored through light and furniture objects.


An interest in geometry occupies a central place in our work. We are attracted to simple geometric forms because of their perfect proportions and elegance. We strive to create new compositions that build up a tension but ultimately also lead to a resolution.

Within the theme of geometry we have explored more specifically the elements of:

Symmetry (for example in: symmetry bookcase, perspective double pendant, rotating series)

Arch / curve (for example in: symmetry bookcase, sequences series, bent series, motiv ceiling light)

Perspective (for example in: perspective series, floating wall light)

Globe / cone (for example in: the thick tube and tube light, the triangle globe + cone, and many others)

Triangle (for example in: triangle box, the shapes ceiling light, the circle and square and circle and triangle wall light, the epic triangle)

Floating wall light

Floating wall light

Tube in metal and illuminated (for example in: Arrow series, side triangle series, thick tube series, tube seat series, rotating series, birch series)

Flat shapes (for example in: triangle series, circle and square and circle and triangle wall lights, V wall light series)

Cuts / incisions / perforations (for example in: the T-series, sliver series and birch series)

Discs (for example in: the plate and spheres pendant lights and the disc and sphere revisited)

Sequences (for example in; the segments series, birch series)

Sequences series, double low element

Sequences series, double low element

We have also explored working with kinetic elements as seen in the see saw and scale series. In these lights, the small elements (either the figures, animals or spheres) are mobile. They can be moved along the tube and depending on their location, the tube will be horizontal or inclined to either side. It is based on the working principle of the lever, visible in the mechanical doctor’s scale for example.

Figurative elements such as animals, plants and figurines are also an interest we have been pursuing throughout our work. In this ‘recent / no so recent work’  the see saw and scale pendants explore this theme further.

See saw pendant

See saw pendant