Many of our lights and furniture pieces are made to order. This allows for options and customization to some degree for many of our pieces.

We offer a choice of ceiling / wall roses - depending on ceiling / wall context. The ceiling / wall roses can be either a flat plate (when the wall / ceiling has a cavity for housing the terminal block) or one of three shapes: pill box, cone, half dome.

For ceiling lights there is a standard length (except pendant lights with a cord), but custom lengths are possible for many lights.

Most lights are offered in black, white and where it applies, brass. Other colors and surfaces such as chrome or bronze are possible for certain lights, please enquire. For furniture, the standard wood is oak and the standard stone is white greek marble. For other options, please enquire.

Lights and furniture are usually offered in standard sizes. Depending on the pieces other sizes may be available.

Customization fees usually apply.



Atelier Areti takes on special projects, designing new pieces for a specific context.