AD + MONOQI design awards

We feel very honored to have won the first Architectural Digest and Monoqi award.

We have been impressed by the ambition of the organizers to create an award that seeks to honor design talents across the word, across different backgrounds and from recent graduates to more established designers.

We were honored to be part of both the 25 nominees and the 5 winners as we highly regarded all nominees and their exceptional work.

The jury consisted among others of Jochen Paesen of BMWi, Simon Fabich of MONOQI, Susanna and Alessio Minotti of Minotti, Dr. Michaela de Pury of De Pury De Pury and Oliver Jahn of AD.

The award ceremony was held in Berlin, in the beautiful private house (a former petrol station from the 1950s) of Galerist Juerg Judin.

You can see a summary of the winners here