'Disc and Sphere' collection and the aspect of brass

We designed the 'Disc and Sphere' collection in 2012. It was part of an exploration involving simple geometric shapes such as discs and spheres, and the interaction between glowing bodies, such as white globes, and reflective surfaces such as polished brass.

We had been working with brass in the years before with the Up / Down Pendants and the Calyx and Marguerite Pendants.
At the same time as the 'Disc and Sphere' and 'Plate and Sphere' collection, we worked on a number of other pieces with brass discs.
These include the Plate and Cone with a large brass plate on the floor, reflecting light from a cone above. The plate also acts as a mirror on the floor, reflecting whoever looks into it.
The Ilios collection, Row collection, Plates collection and Epic 3 were further works that explored the theme of brass Discs and Light spheres.

Brass is a wonderful and versatile material to work with. It can be cast, milled, laser cut, the surface can be polished or brushed or otherwise treated and coated to create darker tones.
The aspect of brass if just coated with a clear layer to prevent it from oxidising is very harmonious and warm. Even relatively small elements of brass add luminosity to a space.

We further developed the 'Disc and Sphere' collection to include the large ‘Plate and Sphere’ collection and the 'Disc and Sphere' asymmetric collection.
We also added reflective plates in other surfaces, such as chrome, black / white and other colours.

Both, 'Disc and Sphere' and 'Plate and Sphere', include pendant, wall, floor as well as desk lights, which come with a plate in solid polished brass, chrome, or black / white and other RAL colors upon request.