Black Hole Wall / Ceiling Light

Sometimes I help my husband Kyriakos with the diagrams in his physics papers. Surprisingly, he cares that the diagrams look at least somewhat elegant, rather than a mess of various line weights, shapes and colors. Once I saw the Penrose diagram in one of the papers he was reading. In this diagram the two crossing lines represent the horizon of a black hole, the point of no return beyond which time and space become inverted. The diagram was both visually and conceptually very appealing and the inspiration behind the black hole light. I look forward to seeing the light in Kyriakos' office ... and hear what his colleagues say when they see it.

Areti Products: Black Hole Wall Light, Black Hole Ceiling Light 

Penrose diagram
Black Hole Wall Light (powder coated black metal and glass)
Black Hole Wall Light (polished brass and glass)
Kasthall Showroom NY Mathias Nero

Black Hole Penrose Diagram 2.png
black hole_black_02.jpg